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Our commitment is focused towards eliminating viral hepatitis and hepatitis related diseases within West African countries and African US communities. WAHA envisions itself as a global grassroots movement aimed at bringing all stakeholders together to reduce and eventually eliminate viral hepatitis in the very near future. Founded by Bunmi Daramaja, WAHA firmly positions itself at the forefront of the elimination conversation, showcasing exemplary leadership, fostering on the ground innovative solutions and taking action to support the policy change needed to eliminate the cancer-causing illness by 2030.

Being a part of WAHA means being part of the solution, because only together can we achieve a world with no hepatitis. Together with our members we are committed to grow the movement by continuing to provide the secretariat, secure financial resources and build strategic efforts. We are therefore committed to the elimination of viral hepatitis as our priority and are undertaking various activities to ensure it becomes a reality.