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Bunmi attended and graduated from high school from St Teresa’s College in Nigeria. She attended and graduated in 1990 from Northeastern University, College of pharmacy Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. She worked at a Rite Aid pharmacy for 6 years, then went to work for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. After a couple of years she went back to working in retail where she would interacts with her patients. Bunmi spends a lot of her time on patient outreach, wellness and advocacy.

She has conducted several community outreach health clinics including immunization clinics and health and wellness clinics. With her certification in Medication Therapy Management, Bunmi has been able to guide her patients on how to better manage their diseases through medications therapy. With the love for people and the less fortunate, Bunmi sometimes volunteers her time to assist her patients to their doctors’ offices to better understand their medical conditions and needs.

Bunmi is a humanitarian and believes that every life saved is a life full of purpose. She has been to the United States Congress to speak to the congressional staffs about people’s health issues including the effect of hepatitis on families. She has participated with different organizations’ event on health and advocacy issues. She spoke at U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory hearing as a professional and personal witness about the importance of having two vaccines instead of three for Hepatitis B.

Bunmi comes from a family of five (her parents, sister and brother). She lost her 65 year old father to Hepatitis B and seven years after, lost her 35 year old brother to Hepatitis B. Bunmi’s passion for the less fortunate and her life experiences drove her to start a non-profit organization, WAHA- West Africa Health Assistance Initiative. WAHA Initiative is committed to the prevention, controlling and elimination of Hepatitis related diseases through awareness, education and assistance.